Experience and professionalism

DISAIM Ingeniería, S.L.

Who we are

DISAIM Ingeniería was born from the union of several engineering professionals with the idea of offering safer, more efficient, reliable and sustainable solutions for its customers.

DISAIM puts at your service the wide experience of its human team in the development of industrial projects, agroindustrial, tertiary buildings and urban planning in the south of Spain, offering integral solutions of design, structures and installations for your projects.

Our values

DISAIM identifies Quality with Customer Satisfaction and, at the same time, with Organization Competitiveness. Thus understood, Quality is, doubly, the first and most important management objective, which determines its absolute commitment to the development and implementation of the corresponding Management System and the continuous improvement of its effectiveness.

Likewise, DISAIM understands by Environmental Management the way of acting that guarantees the constant concern for the environmental performance of the organization and its improvement and the inclusion of guidelines for the preservation of the environment in a double aspect: the one derived from the activity in its offices and the environmental implications of its services.


On the other hand DISAIM considers that Safety and Health at Work is a key factor for the social and work environment in which DISAIM people work, which is manifested by the perseverance in achieving and demonstrating a solid performance of occupational risk prevention in the areas in which it works. prevention of occupational risks in the areas in which it works.

Our vision

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When we created DISAIM we wanted the name to represent the philosophy of the company to be easily recognizable. DIS represents the idea of design.

Design understood as the rational use of the resources at our disposal to adapt to what the customer wants, without neglecting aesthetics and functionality. Investing in design is investing in the future, a well-designed plant allows for easy future expansion or retrofitting.

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AIM for the target

The idea of design by itself is empty. Design must have a goal. AIM stands for the pursuit of that goal.

We conceive of design as functional design. The tools available to us today allow us to evaluate, measure and analyze in order to achieve buildings that function more efficiently, that is, providing the same quality of service while consuming fewer resources, since unnecessary expenses have been eliminated.

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M for managment

Finally the M stands for management. Project management is an english expression for integral control of projects. 

Traditionally three fundamental constraints have been considered: cost, time and scope. In DISAIM we provide the tools and techniques of project management so that the team can achieve the goals under these constraints, achieving the highest quality in the final result.

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